Saturday, 23 June 2012

Top 5 LabView blogs

Blogger tells: "My name is Michael Aivaliotis and I’ve been working in the test and measurement industry since 1993 with LabVIEW 3.0. I started my career as a test engineer and quickly fell in love with the graphical programming paradigm that LabVIEW provided. Since then, I’ve worked on or developed an incredible number of complex test systems in electronics, semiconductor, automotive, telecom, biomedical and other industries."
Blog includes tutorials, podcasts etc. Very informative and clearly structured site.

Software Engineering for LabView

Elijah says:"My role is to help customers understand large application development practices and how to develop high-quality, reliable and/or safe applications using LabVIEW."
" I decided to start this blog to try and share best practices and lessons learned from my time with some of our most advanced users."

Let's LabVIEW

About section tells us:"This blog is written by a Electronic Engineering PhD student who is curious about the new techs and LabVIEW. I would love to share all my thoughts about LabVEW, PhD study, new/cool/interesting techniques, and sometime, Chinese situation. Be my guest.

Learn LabView

Blog says:"The intent of this blog is to accumulate a series of lessons to help beginners get started using LabView. The lessons are geared towards LabView 8.5. The latest posting will be displayed on the main page, but please navigate the lessons as you would an online course or a book by using the Table of Contents below. You should start at the beginning and work your way through every posting to get the benefit of the entire tutorial in the intended order."


Video blog by Sixclear, also good tutorial texts accompanied with videos.